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Timber recycling in Sydney

Timber recycling from $69

Leading experts in Timber & Wood disposal and recycling, Ridly offer the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective removal services in Sydney. No hidden fees, just clean spaces, happy faces, and sustainable disposal. No matter your rubbish situation - big, small, commercial or domestic - just give us a call and we will come right to you!
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Got a load too big for the bin? Let Ridly give you a hand...

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    Effortless contact

    Simply fill out our form, or give us a call on 0488 846 336 - our rubbish removalists Sydney team will get back to you in a jiffy.

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    Free quotes, fair prices

    Our quotes are free, and our pricing is upfront, giving you a hassle-free quoting experience.

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    Fast pickup, wherever the load

    We pickup your rubbish Sydney-wide and keep our services efficient. Call today for a same-day rubbish pick-up at no extra cost.

    We dispose of all collected rubbish responsibly by recycling and keeping our efforts carbon neutral or better!

Why choose Ridly?

Ridly's timber recycling service

Making the most out of your trash, one load at a time

What is timber recycling?

Timber is one of the oldest construction materials in the world. Innovations in engineered wood have created new uses for timber that last longer and are more sustainable. However, when it comes to old timber removal in Sydney, do you know how to get rid of it properly? With Ridly, we're the number one choice for timber recycling Sydney residents have access to - whether it's disposing of old tree debris, a worn-down timber fence, or decking at home, Ridly has the answer. Starting at only $69, Ridly offers an environmentally friendly solution to all your timber waste. What’s more, we ensure all timber is recycled once collected. Leftover rotting timber is an irritation for anyone unlucky enough to experience it. It's heavy, it takes up space, and it can attract nasty pests like termites or rodents. That's why it's essential to get leftover timber off your property as soon as possible to avoid a headache down the line. 

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Why not get rid of it for good with Ridly's reliable timber recycling process

As sturdy as timber is, like anything, it will reach the end of its lifespan at some point. As timber ages, it becomes more susceptible to the elements. Old timber homes can become especially dangerous during storms. If you've had serious damage occur on your property and are faced with a massive clean-up of timber and wood, we know how important it is to get the debris off the property as soon as possible. That's why at Ridly, we have the same-day timber removal Sydney residents need to help clean up their property on the day. 

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Sustainable service

Join us, and let's get rid of trash for good

  • Responsible pickup and recycling

    We don’t want your undesirables being left in landfill. Ridly is passionate about taking the stress and hassle off of your shoulders while doing our part to care for the environment. We are committed to acting today to encourage and create a more sustainable future

  • Every pick up is carbon neutral

    To ensure that your whole pickup is carbon neutral, we plant multiple trees for every job through our partners, Eden Reforestation Projects and Trees For The Future. This covers the emissions from both, our trucks and your rubbish. Since 2019 we have planted over 151,000 trees, making Ridly and all the rubbish we have ever removed carbon neutral.

  • Partnering with sustainable initiatives

    We partner with a variety of companies and initiatives that align with and help us achieve our sustainability and social impact goals, donating a portion of our revenue from each job, so that we can make an impact beyond our rubbish removal service.

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Let Ridly give you a hand

Call us on 0488 846 336, or request a quote:

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Why choose Ridly

Helping Sydney responsibly & eco-consciously remove waste and rubbish.

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    Customer first

    What separates us from other operators in the Sydney area? It’s simple - respect. We make timber recycling a respectful, transparent, and trustworthy service that keeps you in the loop each step of the way and keeps it flexible to your needs and time.

    Find out more about us
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    Recycling sustainably

    We are proud to offer the first carbon neutral rubbish removal services in Sydney, focused on sustainability and ensuring that almost nothing goes to waste. We support the local community and ensure we set standards for the industry when it comes to sustainable rubbish removal.

    Discover our sustainability efforts
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    Efficient process

    The timber recycling Sydney residents trust. We deliver fast and reliable same-day waste removal services that locals love. Quick, convenient, efficient – we’ll do the job and be on our way with minimal disruption to your day.

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Happy ridly customer Sarah from forest lodge
Forest Lodge

"It was extremely simple to book, and they were quick, effective and friendly! An amazing team with a great sustainable mission. We will happily use them again."

Happy ridly customer George from forest lodge
Lane Cove

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Ridly. The guys are friendly and professional, and always go the extra mile to make sure your rubbish is disposed of properly. Highly recommend!"

Happy ridly customer Kevin from dulwich hill
Dulwich Hill

"Jack and Jason were wonderfully kind and helpful removing unwanted furniture and household items. Fuss free, completed quickly, on time, great value for money and would use again. Seamless process and I'm grateful to them both"

Ready to be rid of it? Grab a quick quote from our team.

Call us on 0488 846 336.

Frequently asked questions

Can't I just put timber in the green bin?

It might be tempting to heap all your wood together and throw it in the green bin. However, not all wood can go there. Anything that goes in the green bin is converted into compost and mulch, so if you are throwing treated wood in there, it can contaminate the process as a result of the pesticides used in the treatment process. This can put entire loads of organic waste at risk of contamination and thus render it useless! Wood can only go in the green bin if it is untreated, small enough to fit in the bin, is lightweight, and has no nails, hinges, or other materials. Don't take the risk when it comes to timber removal in Sydney. Put your mind at ease and have Ridly come and collect your timber. Whether it is treated or untreated, we will come and get it, so leave your household organic waste to go in the green bin.

Does Ridly do Commercial Timber Recycling?

Timber has countless commercial uses. From pallets and crates, even to support beams, both treated and untreated wood have their benefits. When the time comes to replace timber assets at work, why not call Ridly? With the timber recycling Sydney businesses trust for reliable and hassle-free service, we can assist you with collecting your leftover timber and ensure it is recycled into new products wherever possible.  

Does Ridly do Residential Timber Recycling Sydney?

Have you just finished replacing a deck in your backyard? Or maybe you have leftover timber from a DIY woodworking project? Either way, dealing with excess timber is a pain for any property – commercial or residential. It takes up valuable space and can prove to be a hazard for kids playing or become a new home for undesirable pests. That's where Ridly comes in. Starting at only $69, our team will come to your home and clean up your leftover timber. Our timber recycling Sydney service extends to suburbs right across Greater Sydney, and we guarantee all the timber we collect will see a new use wherever possible. 

How much will the timber removal Sydney service cost?

At Ridly, our timber removal and recycling service begin at just $69! When you find yourself with leftover wood and timber on your property, don't delay the clean-up! Give a Ridly team member a call and provide the details on what you need to collect, and we'll take care of the rest. All Ridly timber recycling is priced upfront, so there are no hidden costs. 

What types of timber do Ridly collect?

There are two types of timber that we find at Sydney homes or worksites—treated and untreated.  Treated Timber: Treated timber has been treated with a spray or pesticide that protects it from termites, as well as other natural concerns like mould and fungi that cause rot. Treated timber has usage in everything to do with construction, from deck framing and support beams to furniture and more.  Untreated Timber: The opposite of treated timber, untreated timber is natural wood that has not been painted, sprayed, varnished, or affected by anything external. A natural wood, most often it finds use as firewood, in crates and pallets, and some fencing.  Here at Ridly, we accept all types of timber. We know that there is recycling potential for both treated and untreated timber and have partnerships with collection facilities that can make this happen. Untreated timber has countless further uses, and it is a waste to see if just dumped in a landfill.

Why do I need professional recycling services?

Appropriate household waste management is not only a crucial element of keeping your property presentable and clean, but it is also vital to preventing pests and other critters around your home or workplace. Investing in a professional rubbish removal company is critical to maintaining a clean, hygienic and safe property for all inhabitants.

Waste expulsion and re-purposing or recycling materials is an important component of reducing the demand and severe impacts on natural resources and the environment. From electronic equipment waste to scraps, perishable rubbish waste,  green garden waste, and other junk the correct removal and disposal of such items to a recycling centre essential in minimising environmental impact. That’s where Ridly come in.

Whether you’re renovating, need old electronic equipment removal, clearing out a space or completing an overhaul of your property’s commodities, we've got a solution for you aside of your local council. Contact us for a free quote. Professional disposal is the key to ensuring a perfect job and minimal clean up. When you rely on Ridly for your recyclable metal waste collection, you can also rest assured knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Why is timber recycling in Sydney important?

Our increased reliance on timber has seen us cut down millions of hectares of forest to keep up with the demand for the material. We are cutting down trees at an unsustainable rate, which is why, wherever possible, you should recycle timber to reduce our dependence on new trees. Sending untreated timber to landfills is a massive waste. Decomposing timber can be turned into mulch that provides valuable additions to public infrastructure and helps conserve soil moisture in dry areas. Leaving timber around your property is a hazard. It is fuel for fires and, whilst they are rare, are devastating for families and happen when least expected. Not only is timber a fire hazard, but it will also become a refuge for unwanted rodents, which cause further damage to nearby properties. Timber removal in Sydney has never been easier with Ridly, so give us a call today and let us help remove and recycle wood from your property.