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Our commitment to sustainability

We're getting rid of trash for good

Electronical waste ready to be recycled
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In Australia, over 85% of furniture put on the kerb is sent to landfill and never recycled...

ABC War on waste, 2017
Ridlys undesirables next to each other

At Ridly, we see it as our mission to reduce that number in any way we can, and keep our services sustainable

Recycling sustainably

Making the most out of your undesirables, one load at a time

Our vision is to help and force the waste and rubbish industry to adapt and adjust to a new way of operation. We aim to set the standard of practising the extraction of waste and rubbish while preventing the use of landfill and instead promoting recycling and reusing unwanted items.

With each rubbish removal job we strive to process your junk into all its recyclable components - whether its the inner springs from your mattress, or the precious metals in your e-waste, our services strictly adhere to any all all environmental rules and regulations. Get rid of your trash, for good, with Ridly.

Keeping sustainable operations

Optimising our technology & operations to stay efficient

Optimum routes

Since we are on the road every day, we know how important it is to actually reduce our carbon footprint - we are always looking for the most innovative ways of going more green. We always calculate the best and most environmentally friendly route for each individual customer. In addition, distributing our trucks at several locations in Sydney allows us to keep the distances to you as short as possible – time and CO2 emissions are reduced to the minimum.

Sustainable fleet

We've invested in a new and sustainable fleet of trucks to carry our workers and your rubbish, across Sydney. New trucks produce fewer nitrogen oxide and carbon emissions than their older counterparts - which means a much cleaner footprint.

Area shot from above where ridly removed rubbish
Ridly employees carrying rubbish in truck
A sustainable future

Partnering with sustainable initiatives to protect our future

Ridly takes it upon itself to be responsible and socially conscious. Our main goal is to leave Sydney a little better than we found it. We believe that the most effective way of doing this is by looking after our environment, and making sure we recycle as much as possible. We partner with a variety of companies and initiatives that align with and help us achieve our sustainability goals.

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