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Green waste disposal in Sydney

Green & garden waste disposal from $69

Need a hand with excess green waste? Ridly is here to help with our quick and efficient garden waste disposal service for residents and businesses in Sydney. Whether it’s green waste from a backyard garden or bulk garden waste removal for a commercial space, we’ve got it covered. Simply give us a call today to book our green waste removal service and we’ll come right to your Sydney property!
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Got a load too big for the bin? Let Ridly give you a hand...

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    Effortless contact

    Simply fill out our form, or give us a call on 0488 846 336 - our rubbish removalists Sydney team will get back to you in a jiffy.

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    Free quotes, fair prices

    Our quotes are free, and our pricing is upfront, giving you a hassle-free quoting experience.

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    Fast pickup, wherever the load

    We pickup your rubbish Sydney-wide and keep our services efficient. Call today for a same-day rubbish pick-up at no extra cost.

    We dispose of all collected rubbish responsibly by recycling and keeping our efforts carbon neutral or better!

Why choose Ridly?

Ridly's green waste disposal service

Making the most out of your trash, one load at a time

What is green waste disposal?

Green waste disposal is a big part of ensuring that your garden spaces remain neat, tidy, and usable year-round. Green waste refers to any organic or garden waste materials that may be removed from outdoor areas. Offering the most reliable green waste removal Sydney has to offer; Ridly can remove and safely dispose of tree stumps and logs, branches, shrubs, grass clippings, garden pruning and other green and organic materials from your garden. Not only will Ridly safely remove your green waste, but we’ll also make sure that it is safely disposed of. Where other rubbish removal companies will take your green waste straight to landfill, we are aware of harmful methane production and will recycle your green waste appropriately.

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Clean out your garden space with Ridly's green waste disposal process

For many residents in Sydney, their garden is a place to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea in the morning, a barbecue with friends or a sun-soaked afternoon with the whole family. An area of your home offering peace, relaxation and a breath of fresh air, it's important to keep on top of your garden with adequate pruning and green waste removal. Ridly have the equipment, skill and knowledge to safely remove and dispose of all of your green waste. As many of our removalists have a background in gardening and landscaping, we believe we're offering the most experienced and trusted green waste removal Sydney has to offer. When you rely on a team of removal professionals for your waste disposal services, you can relax knowing you've got your garden sorted for the whole year.

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Sustainable service

Work with us for responsible rubbish removal

  • Sustainable pickup and recycling

    Landfill disposal is our last resort — we won’t simply dump your waste there and contribute to the growing problem. At Ridly, we’re committed to ensuring that your green waste goes where it needs to for the good of our shared environment.

  • Carbon-neutral service

    Since 2019, we’ve worked with initiatives like Reforestation Projects and Trees For The Future to plant over 151,000 trees, one for every rubbish pickup. This is part of our effort to compensate for the emissions that are generated by our trucks and your waste, making our services carbon neutral.

  • Working towards sustainability goals

    We partner with a spectrum of companies and initiatives that mirror our sustainability and social impact goal. We also dedicate a share of our earnings from every job to effect positive change beyond our rubbish removal services.

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Let Ridly give you a hand

Call us on 0488 846 336, or request a quote:

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Why choose Ridly

Helping Sydney responsibly & eco-consciously remove waste and rubbish.

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    Exceptional service

    Here’s why Ridly is the green waste removal service that Sydneysiders trust — we focus on delivering an exceptional service every time with upfront and transparent prices and clear communication.

    Find out more about us
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    Sustainable recycling

    As Sydney's first carbon-neutral rubbish removal service, we're driven by sustainability and waste reduction. Our services work closely with the community and uphold industry standards to constantly improve what responsible rubbish removal can be.

    Discover our sustainability efforts
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    Quick and efficient

    We provide same-day garden waste removal services that are quick, dependable, accessible to locals. We'll handle your waste situation promptly and keep the process as hands-off as possible for you so that you can continue enjoying your day.

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Happy ridly customer Sarah from forest lodge
Forest Lodge

"It was extremely simple to book, and they were quick, effective and friendly! An amazing team with a great sustainable mission. We will happily use them again."

Happy ridly customer George from forest lodge
Lane Cove

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Ridly. The guys are friendly and professional, and always go the extra mile to make sure your rubbish is disposed of properly. Highly recommend!"

Happy ridly customer Kevin from dulwich hill
Dulwich Hill

"Jack and Jason were wonderfully kind and helpful removing unwanted furniture and household items. Fuss free, completed quickly, on time, great value for money and would use again. Seamless process and I'm grateful to them both"

Ready to be rid of it? Grab a quick quote from our team.

Call us on 0488 846 336.

Frequently asked questions

What is classed as ‘green waste’?

Green waste is a type of 100% biodegradable waste that consists of usually of plant material, which is why the term is used interchangeably with ‘garden waste’ most of the time. Green waste is a common by-product of landscaping or gardening activities, although it can also be naturally found in spaces with vegetation. Examples of green waste include plant waste such as leaves and grass clippings, but also substances like coffee grounds and tea bags.

What Is Garden Waste?

Garden waste is biodegradable waste. This includes grass clippings, shrub and yard waste, branches, wood shavings, bark, wood, palm trees and twigs, and weeds. Ridly not only collects the Garden waste anywhere in Sydney for only $69, but also takes it to the nearest local processor. They process it into mulch or compost. Recycling Garden waste has many advantages. For more information, please check out our blog section on our website.

Our Garden waste removal service starts with an honest and credible upfront price calculation and ends with our professional and friendly team that does the work to your full satisfaction. Get your garden waste removed and recycled on the very same day, without any headaches with Ridly. As our name suggests, we won’t waste your time – we’ll have your Garden rubbish away today.

Can I get a free quote for green waste removal?

Of course! We can provide you with an accurate quote free of charge for your green waste removal needs in Sydney. Simple give us a call on the phone or contact us via email or the form on this page — tell us about your green waste situation we’ll give you our best estimate for the pickup service.

At Ridly, we aren’t only the most affordable green waste recycling services; we also pride ourselves on our transparent pricing policy. Unlike many other companies, we have no hidden fees for recycling or labour hours. Since every waste project is unique, we offer free, upfront quotes either on the spot or over the phone for each customer.

How much does green waste removal cost?

Our rubbish removal services start from just $69, including green waste removal. When it comes to your specific green waste removal, we will tailor the cost based on things like how much you need collected, and where you are located. Getting an accurate quote with us only take about two minutes, and we won’t charge you for recycling fees of labour hours. What you’ll get is an upfront transparent quote that you can rely on to budget your green waste removal needs.

Can you pick up my green waste today?

Yes! We can provide an accurate quote and proceed with a green waste collection service all within the same day. Call us today to enjoy the fastest same-day service in Sydney at no additional cost to you!

What happens when green waste starts breaking down?

When green waste starts breaking down, the decomposition process can often result in the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. These gases can not only negatively impact the environment, but also have a foul odour that makes the space uncomfortable to be in. The decomposition process can take a long time if left to complete naturally, and may even attract vermin or bugs to it.

How does Ridly make this process sustainable?

At Ridly, we endeavour to be the difference that we yearn to see in the rubbish removal industry. Our waste removal and green waste collection services strictly adhere to any and all environmental rules and regulations. When you choose Ridly for green waste removal and rubbish removal in Sydney, you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to recycle, reuse, and find new purposes for what we collect. It's our way of cutting down on landfill and doing our part for the environment.

Can you get rid of my green waste on weekends?

Absolutely. Our green waste removal services are available in Sydney seven days a week.We are available every day of the week and are always happy to help out with your green waste requirements and rubbish removal services in Sydney. Just be sure to contact us early as our weekends can get busy in Sydney!

Why should I book a rubbish removal company?

Two words — hygiene and safety. Proper household waste management isn't just about maintaining a clean and presentable property; it's also essential for keeping pests and critters at bay. A professional rubbish removal company can ensure a clean, hygienic, and safe environment for everyone at your home or workplace.

Waste expulsion and re-purposing or recycling materials is an important component of reducing the demand and severe impacts on natural resources and the environment. From electronic equipment waste to scraps, perishable rubbish waste,  green garden waste, and other junk the correct removal and disposal of such items to a recycling centre essential in minimising environmental impact. That’s where Ridly come in.