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Why We Care About Sustainable Rubbish Removal

October 28, 2020
Why We Care About Sustainable Rubbish Removal

At Ridly, we recycle almost 90% of your rubbish through sorting, recycling, reusing, donation and energy conversion. And we’re proud of it! Our goal is to lead the rubbish removal industry in Sydney into a zero-landfill future. 

But why exactly do we care about sustainable rubbish removal so much?

It’s a good question. Today we’ll give you our top ten reasons for why we care about environmentally-friendly rubbish removal. We’ll also discuss why the whole industry should be composed of eco-friendly rubbish removal companies. By the end, we hope you’ll care too!

Eye-Opening Statistics About Unsustainable Rubbish Removal

It’s no secret that the rubbish removal industry is at a crossroads. Right now, the world is generating more trash than it knows what to do with. Many populations don’t have access to recycling. Others just don’t know how to recycle or don’t understand why it’s important. At times, it’s even cost-prohibitive for people to properly dispose of their rubbish! 

The truth is that our current rubbish removal industry is unsustainable. We’re filling up landfills and it’s taking a huge toll on the environment. Not only that: the rubbish removal industry isn’t transforming to meet this moment of climate crisis. Companies aren’t rushing to offer sustainable waste removal like they should be.  

At Ridly, we’re convinced that it’s time for a change. We need sustainable rubbish removal and we need it now. That’s why we started our company in the first place. 

Here are ten reasons that highlight the current unsustainable nature of the industry and the need for environmentally-friendly rubbish removal. These statistics showcase the worrisome nature of waste today. 


Global waste is set to grow 70 percent by 2050 (World Bank Report). 

That’s tons and tons of trash. As the world population grows and consumes more, we’re reaching a tipping point for creating more landfills. Under our current system, 70% more waste means 70% more landfills that harm the environment and pile up our trash instead of reusing it (i.e. sustainable waste removal).  


The combined waste of high-income countries accounts for 34% of global waste (World Bank Report). 

Since high-income nations are the main creators of global waste, we believe they should be paving the way for sustainable waste removal. We’re based in Sydney and feel compelled to be an industry leader here. We believe Australia can do better. In fact, we’re convinced we must do better for our planet. 


About 40% of the world’s garbage is dumped at unregulated sites (World Bank Report). 

Rubbish removal is a key aspect of dealing with the world’s waste problem. We think our industry should be taking on unregulated dumping by offering services that are useful and affordable - like ours. While our services only currently cover Australia, we’re set on becoming a leader so that rubbish removal companies in other areas are inspired by our eco-friendly actions.


80% of items buried in landfills could be recycled (Rubicon). 

The idea that 80% of landfills could be otherwise recycled, reused or repurposed is absurd. What a waste! We’re focused on reducing this number so that our future becomes landfill-free. Nearly everything at landfills can and should be recycled. In fact, we’re advocates of reforming the entire rubbish removal industry so that this becomes a reality. 


Our current global waste composition involves 44% rubber and leather, 17% paper and cardboard, and 12% plastic (World Bank Report). 

The composition of our waste shows that we’re not maximizing materials. Often waste such as rubber, paper and plastic isn’t actually waste. Instead, it can be easily recycled, reused or donated. We believe we can be smarter with our waste, so that our landfills shrink instead of grow. Imagine a scenario where nearly all these materials could be reused in some way! 


Every year Americans throw out old phones containing over $60 million in gold and/or silver (Rubicon).

We’re big fans of this statistic: not just are we throwing away recyclable materials, we’re throwing away real money. Gold, silver and copper are building up in our landfills as people toss out their electronics. It’s insane to think that a landfill could actually become a goldmine. This is a sure sign that the industry is doing something wrong. 


We produce 40 million tons of e-waste every year worldwide, which is equivalent to tossing out 800 laptops every second (The World Counts). 

Sometimes it’s important to contextualize the amount of waste we’re creating. 40 million tons of e-waste sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t really hit you until you can visualize 800 laptops a second getting tossed. E-waste is an enormous issue that continues to grow today. We’re already collecting and recycling this type of waste as part of our services. 


The global waste-to-energy market size is projected to reach $50.1 billion by 2027 (Global Newswire).

We currently hold contracts to convert any waste (that we otherwise can’t recycle or donate) to energy. It’s a key way we stay eco-friendly and look to repurpose waste that’s challenging. The waste-to-energy market is an exciting new frontier that we’re excited to be a part of.


Solid waste related emissions will likely increase to 2.6 billion tons of CO2-equivalent by 2050 (World Bank Report). 

Solid waste is a big contributor to CO2 emissions. The more we can reduce the amount of waste, the better for our planet. At the same time, landfills are terrible for the environment. They reduce soil quality and often exacerbate the problem of waste in the ocean. Reducing landfill size should be top of mind for the rubbish removal industry. 


The global waste management market size is expected to reach $484.9 billion by 2025 (PR Newswire). 

The rubbish removal industry will get larger as the world generates more trash. In fact, reports indicate that the industry will be worth nearly half a billion dollars by 2025. For this reason, it’s even more important that the rubbish industry reforms and becomes sustainable. We believe our sustainable mission can positively impact other companies to provide environmentally-friendly rubbish removal.

Feeling overwhelmed with facts? - Here’s our Sustainable Rubbish Removal Solution

Sustainable rubbish removal with different kinds of rubbish

We believe most people care about the environment and want to do the right thing. Simply said, it’s hard to find convenient solutions that offer environmentally-friendly rubbish removal. That’s where Ridly comes into play. 

We’re convinced: Ridly is the most innovative and sustainable rubbish removal company in Sydney - and potentially nationwide. We’re doing everything we can to be the greenest rubbish removal provider around. 

We do this by focusing on our mission: to provide the greenest rubbish removal in Sydney. Our mission to be environmentally-friendly makes a massive difference. However, Ridly offers a great service, as well as a sustainable one, including:

STRAIGHT TALKERS. At Ridly we feel transparency in our costs is essential. With our upfront and clear pricing structure on a person to person phone call, our rubbish removal pricing starts at $69. We’ll give you a free quote after determining the items you want to remove, which is based only on the space it takes up in our truck. There’s no surprises, such as laboring fees or recycling fees.  

100% CONVENIENCE. We remove basically every type of rubbish. Also, we have same-day collection any day of the week (including weekends). We’ll handle all your rubbish, so you don’t need to lift a finger. You don’t even need to be there if the rubbish is outside and accessible. 

SAFTEY FIRST. You might switch off when someone mentions the word ‘health and safety’ but here at Ridly it is a vital part of maintaining the most sustainable and eco-friendly business andensuring the highest level of customer satisfactionWe’re rubbish removal specialists, promoting health and safety professionalism. You don’t need to worry about whether we'll dispose of your rubbish safety: we’ve got all the equipment and experience to do so. At the same time, we also have COVID contact-free pick-up to protect everybody’s safety. 

MEN ON A MISSION: A start-up from Berlin, we founded this company with a clear intention: To transform waste management for the better. 85% of the rubbish collected by our competitors ends up in the landfill, while at Ridly 90%+ of all the rubbish is recycled. We’re truly committed to becoming landfill-free and the greenest rubbish removal Sydney. This means our rubbish is recycled, donated to those in need or converted into sustainable electrical energy. 

We care about sustainable waste removal and believe strongly that it’s the future. Join our landfill-free revolution by hiring us next time you need rubbish removal! You can also get involved with our community activities, such as beach clean-ups, flea markets, sustainable funds and more

Remember that when it’s time to get your rubbish removed, it does make a difference how you dispose of it. You can add your grain of salt to the planet by choosing eco-friendly services like ours. You can count on the fact that we recycle, donate or convert waste to energy with 90% of the rubbish we collect. Not only that: we’re constantly working to improve that number and reach a landfill-free future. 

In addition, we’re just as affordable as our competitors - our services start at $69 - but we offer so much more. You’ll get high-quality, convenient service that also happens to be eco-friendly. You won’t break the bank and our planet will thank you.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our site or call our friendly team on 0491 181 130. We’re happy to talk through your concerns and get you a quote for sustainable rubbish removal. Together we hope the industry will become sustainable, so that there are more and more sustainable rubbish removal companies. All that waste doesn’t have to go to waste. 

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