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Improper Waste Disposal Methods You Need to Steer Clear Of

October 31, 2022
Improper Waste Disposal Methods You Need to Steer Clear Of

Give a toss about the environment? Think Al Gore might be onto something?

Then you’ll want to read about the improper waste disposal methods that we need to stop right now to give the environment a fighting chance for the next generation.

Whether you’re a big business that needs to cut down on your footprint, or you’re an individual looking to make small decisions that add up to a big difference for our environment, we’ve put together a list of some of the most obvious, and some of the less obvious improper waste disposal methods that we all need to be aware of.

Improper Waste Disposal Methods You Need to Avoid


Littering is a national epidemic in Australia. According to the latest study conducted by the National Litter Index, Australia is only getting worse with littering increasing by more than 10% over the last year.It’s a worrying trends that can have a serious impact on our environment, but also our general community health and safety.

Littering can harm plants, animals, and can also pollute our waterways which means dirty beaches and polluted waterways. Apart from being an unsightly health concern that all Aussies should care about, it’s also costing us millions of dollars each year in taxes to keep the streets clean. In this day and age, it baffles the mind that we have 24/7 365 street cleaning to keep us in check – it’s time to take a stand.

There are so many ways that we can stop littering, but it all begins with better education. Education through schooling and public awareness campaigns can help to change people’s behaviour and make this the social taboo that it needs to be. If being called a tosser isn’t enough for you, there are also hefty fines for littering in every state of Australia.  

If we all do our part, we can make littering a thing of the past. So come on, let’s work together to keep Australia clean and green.

How much illegal dumping costs in Australia


Burning waste 

It should go without saying, but burning waste is never ok.  

In fact, burning waste is one of the most damaging things that you can do to the environment. burning waste releases harmful chemicals and pollutants into the air which can cause respiratory problems for people and cause further damage to the ozone which accelerates climate change.

Burning waste also creates a large amount of ash which can contaminate soil and water supplies. If you’re considering burning waste, it’s time to rethink. It doesn’t matter how remote or how far off the grid you are,the harmful effects of burning waste are a global issue with far reaching consequences.

Throwing everything in the trash

Every year, millions upon millions of tons of waste are sent to landfills where they release harmful toxins into the air and waterways.

But did you know that all of this can be prevented? We can all do our part to reduce our reliance on landfills by recycling more andwasting less. Here are some hot tips that can get you started on an environmentally sound future:

Sort trash and recyclable. It doesn’t matter which council area you live in; you will have more than one bin. Your red, yellow,green, or blue bins will all denote different waste types and should be used accordingly. If you’re not sure which bin you should be using for which waste,then hop onto your local council website or ask a neighbour for more information.

Make an effort to use reusable items and incorporate them into your household. Packaging containers such as jars, and bottles can be reused to save you from running out to purchase these items when you need to store leftover food or dispose of oil.

Dumping waste

Illegally dumping or disposing of waste is a problem that isexists in every state. The latest data from the Victorian government shows that illegal ling dumping waste costs the state government around $89 million in taxpayer money each year to clean up.

Not only does illegally dumping waste contribute to the tax bill, which is funded by each of us, it is also damaging for the environment and can contaminate soil and water, while also releasing harmful chemicals into the air. When these contaminants enter the food chain, they can cause serious health problems to humans and animals.

Proper recycling, access to reasonably priced rubbish removal services and public education campaigns are the key to preventing illegal waste disposal. Dumping is a serious problem that we all have an obligation to monitor and report. If you see someone illegally dumping waste, or something just doesn’t look quite right, then you can report it to local police.

Littering is getting worse in Australia

Final Thoughts

Improper waste disposal is a major problem in Australia and across the world. Not only does it lead to environmental pollution, but it can also pose a serious health risk to our native flora, fauna, and to us.  

In Australia, improper waste disposal is a leading cause of pollution that costs taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Each year,billions of tonnes of waste materials are improperly disposed of which contaminates the air, water, and soil. Cutting down on improper waste disposal is essential for protecting our environment and preserving mother nature for the next generation.

Improper waste disposal stops with us. To preserve the environment, we all need to take small steps to cut down on improper waste disposal and promote a brighter, healthier tomorrow for ourselves and for mother nature.

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