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Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled in Australia?

May 3, 2021
Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled in Australia?


Benefits and limitations of recycling shredded paper in a standard recycling bin

Most organisations have shifted from hard copy documentation to digital-based file sharing. But what happens when there is no option but to have a hard copy of sensitive documents? Many organisations turn to shredding their documents – a safe, secure way of ensuring all sensitive information is protected.

However, if you’re an organisation that values environmental consciousness, you may be wondering: Can shredded paper be recycled effectively?

Shredded paper is recyclable in Australia, and there are numerous ways to ensure your recycled paper is being responsibly recycled.

Ridly are an expert rubbish removal team based in Sydney who offer a range of services, including paper and cardboard collection for residential and commercial premises. Although our experienced team are delighted to see digital copies of essential documents overtake the use of printed paper documents, there are still moments where printing in the office or at home is unavoidable. If you’ve had to print out sensitive or confidential information, you’re probably wondering, “can shredded paper be recycled in Australia?”. Shredded paper recycling is a fantastic option for those looking at ways to dispose of sensitive documents responsibly.  

We’re here to guide you through effective management of shredded paper, from re-purposing and recycling options to shredded paper disposal or donation. We’ll help you identify precisely where to take shredded paper and creative ways in which you can contribute to a greener office or home environment.

Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled?

So, can shredded paper be recycled in Australia in an environmentally friendly matter? There are several ways to recycle shredded paper, including standard council recycling, third-party assistance, shredding events, and DIY methods of shredded paper recycling. As qualified specialists in the recycling business, we’re here to put a stop to questions such as “where can I take my shredded paper?” and “where to donate shredded paper?”.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of how shredded paper can be recycled.

Where to Dispose of Shredded Paper: The Recycling Bin

Can shredded paper be recycled through regular recycling? It sure can! The simplest and easiest way to dispose of shredded paper is through the standard council recycling bin regime. One of the best tips we can give those seeking to dispose of shredded paper through recycling is to ensure it is not contained in a plastic bag. We advise residents or commercial property managers to have the shredded paper within a cardboard box or another recyclable container; otherwise, the council may reject it.

Benefits and limitations of recycling shredded paper with Ridly

Benefits of Standard Recycling

  1. It’s easy! All you have to do is pack your bin and wheel it out to the curb.
  2. Rubbish removalists will come to you and are likely to accept well-packaged paper scraps.  
  3. It costs nothing.  

Limitations of Standard Recycling

  1. There is a certain level of effort required as it needs to be contained in a cardboard package.
  2. There is a lack of direct control over the process – you can’t be entirely sure whether your shredded paper will end up recycled or in the landfill.

How to Dispose of Shredded Paper: Ridly Recycling Specialists

Are you still wondering, “where to donate shredded paper”? Let us do the work. Ridly offer same-day rubbish disposal in Sydney. Cheaper than calling the local council and with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Benefits and limitations of recycling shredded paper at a shredding event

Benefits of Ridly

  1. We have an upfront pricing model, so you’ll know how much it will cost before we arrive.
  2. We are passionate about sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal of rubbish, so you can be confident we select the best methods of shredded paper disposal.
  3. You won’t need to lift a finger. In fact, you won’t even have to be there. We’ll take care of the entire end to end rubbish disposal process for you.
  4. We offer both household rubbish collection and commercial rubbish collection, and we’re ready to tackle any challenge. If you have additional rubbish you would like for us to collect, we’ll move it for you.
  5. Peace of mind that you have done the right thing.

Limitations of Ridly

  1. Ridly rubbish removal will incur a fee which we will clearly outline in a quote before we arrive.

Where to Dispose of Shredded Paper: Shredding Event

For those wondering, “where can I take my shredded paper?” shredding events are a great way to dispose of unwanted paper scraps (yes, they exist). Some cities host shredding events for residents to dispose of excess shredded paper, or commercial enterprises can dispose of their shredded documents.

Benefits of Shredding Events

  1. Shredding events are likely to be free; however, double-check with the organisers before you make the trip.
  2. Who knows, you might even meet a fellow greenie!

Limitations of Shredding Events

  1. You will have to transport your rubbish to the event.
  2. Shredding events may not be available in your city, so check with your local municipality.
  3. You may have to travel a considerable distance to get to a shredding event.

How to Dispose of Shredded Paper: DIY Methods

Consider yourself a green thumb? Then we’ll get along quite well. In the next section of this article, we will provide a comprehensive DIY guide on how to dispose of shredded paper recycling at home using two unique methods of disposal.

Contribute to Compost

If you’ve got a compost bin, then that’s your answer to the question, “can shredded paper be recycled?”. The best way to dispose of shredded paper is to contribute the shredded paper to compost. Compost bins can benefit from the carbon held within shredded paper fragments. Carbon helps items within the compost bin to break down easier and, in turn, contribute to a healthy and fruitful garden. When disposing of shredded paper in a compost bin, keep it contained within another cardboard or recyclable item or ensure that you dispose of the shredded paper at a ratio of 25 parts paper to one part vegetable.

Benefits of Compost Recycling

  1. Compost recycling is fantastic for the environment, and your garden will thank you.
  2. You only need to travel as far as your backyard, so it’s relatively convenient.
  3. A minimal effort amounts to a fantastic reward and a healthy composting system.

Limitations of Compost Recycling

  1. It requires a certain amount of effort and attentiveness.
  2. Only matte paper with a standard amount of ink should be processed through compost, as glossy finish papers can contain chemicals that are harmful to your garden. Therefore, not all of the shredded paper documents will be recyclable.

Packing Fragile Materials

Another option for recycling shredded paper is to keep it in storage to protect fragile materials. Whether you move around a lot or like to keep items in your storage safe and well preserved, paper is a great way to create a buffer between fragile items.

Benefits of Shredded Paper as Packing

  1. Using shredded paper as packing requires minimal effort and no transportation.
  2. Shredded paper can keep your fragile belongings safe.

Limitations of Shredded Paper as Packing

  1. Using shredded paper as packing paper may require space for storage.
  2. This method of recycling is not suitable for any confidential or sensitive shredded paper documentation.

Final Tips: Avoiding Shredded Paper

Rather than wondering, “where to donate shredded paper?” consider not printing at all. Shredded paper recycling is fantastic if you sustainably conduct the recycling. However, if printing can be avoided altogether, this is the best solution. Be the pioneer in your home or workplace and steer all your communications online. There are numerous benefits when it comes to basing all your documentation on a digital forum.

Benefits of Digital Documentation

  1. Digital data and document storage platforms offer enhanced security.
  2. Digital storage of documents offers better search functionality for documents and essential information (rather than rummaging through a filing cabinet).
  3. Easily accessible to others in remote locations.
  4. Data is updated in real-time, and the quality of data is improved.
  5. Updates are made to shared documents in real-time for better access and integration.
  6. Increased operational efficiencies.

Although the answer to the question “can shredded paper be recycled?” is yes, it’s better if paper printing is completely eliminated from both our homes and our workplaces.

Commercial & Residential Recycling Services

Loose pieces of shredded paper don’t just pose a risk of the exposure of confidential or sensitive information. Shredded paper can also end up in a landfill if the owner does not dispose of it correctly.

For those wondering, “can shredded paper be recycled from your commercial or residential property?”, the answer is yes! Ridly services commercial rubbish collection for establishments such as offices, schools, strata, doctors, restaurants, gyms, hotels, pubs and storage units with paper recycling options. Equally, we offer reliable, convenient, cost-effective and efficient household rubbish collection.

Now that we have provided information on how can shredded paper be recycled, it’s time to decide which method of shredded paper recycling is best for you. Ridly ensure the correct and sustainable disposal of all rubbish we encounter, including shredded paper. Get a free quote today on 0491 181 130 or leave an enquiry to have someone get back to you today.

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